The Artist With Two Ears

Oil Paintings

I started painting in 1969 when I was studying architecture in college. I discovered the art of Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch and fell in love with surrealism. I wanted to paint in the technique of the Old Masters (DaVinci, Rembrant, etc.), so I went to the library and found Leonardo’s notebooks and these became my bible. I have been studying them since then and use their techniques in my own paintings.

Pencil Drawings

Salvador Dali said: “Drawing is the essence of painting. You can only paint as well as you can draw.” I usually work out complicated concepts with drawings before I attempt to paint them. Sometimes, however, an idea has remained a drawing because I feel the drawing captures what I’m trying to say.


I started sculpting just a few years ago. I liked the three-dimensional aspect and started to become more interested as I came up with concepts that lend themselves to three dimensions. My sculptures echo the surreal visions of my paintings.